about us

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Teatro al quadrato was established in 2009 in Tarcento (UD) thanks to a common artistic and educational path. We are actors, technicians and artists who have met each other, shared dreams and joined together to do theatre performances: shows, labs, festivals and events dedicated in particular to young people.

We work in the province of Friuli and from 2010 even in Carpi (MO). We do our best to pass down to  kids our passion for theatre, its ability to tell stories that can touch deeply, despite the trends of the moment.




With our performances we talk to young people of all ages. Compare ourselves to young persons is a necessity and incentive; sometimes a failure and more often than not a pleasant surprise. Irony and tact are instruments to take important topics on. We address questions that stimulate the imagination and the whole public to find the  answers.





We develop our training courses in different social and environmental contexts.

The theatre is an emotion made of body and voice. The body is an expressive instrument to discover. We push our kids into playing with the body, listening to it and learn  how to listen. Where the body cannot reach, there are words with their ability of summarizing and their evocative power.