4 years +

BLEONS / Sheets


An idea by Maria Giulia Campioli and Claudio Mariotti

With Lucia Linda and Claudio Mariotti

Directid by Maria Giulia Campioli

Suggested for age: up to 4 years old

Duration: 45 min

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)

A performance without words

A journey to discover the poetry of the sheets

You and I , before sleeping, in front of our bed:

Shall I read you a story?

No, let’s play a little bit more, please….

Your games are boring…

Look here!

Nice! Can you give it to me?

Yes. And now read me your book.

I will read it, but then we sleep.

Your bed is better than mine!…

It is not true, they are exactly the same.

So why is my bed more ugly than yours?

It is not ugly, it is only messy, because you roll round and round, round and round, round and round….

Now switch off the light.

But I am scared of the darkness….can I sleep with you?

No! and please: don’t snore!

And you do not do the sleep-walker!

….come on, come here, close to me. And now: good night!

Sweet dreams.

What would you like to dream about tonight?

Butterflies, fireflies and trees, then the sea and the stars…and you?

An adventure on a boat: in the middle of the sea, then comes the storm and then I am shipwrecked…

Someone could die of fear!

For sure…but only in the dreams. Then I will wake up.

A stone can tell the story of centuries and centuries. A piece of wood can become Pinocchio and live an immortal adventure. On a paper we can bring to life pictures, words and sounds. And the sheets? What can the sheets tell us?

The sheets are a deep intimate space ( both single and double). A private subject that everyone has got in common, and which we daily use. We spend more or less a quarter of our lives inside them .

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